One-to-One Session With Adrien Blackwell



New clients are invited to experience an introductory session with Adrien Blackwell at a discounted rate. Adrien offers personalized guidance to ambitious women seeking to balance a successful career and personal fulfillment. Her holistic approach addresses past relationship challenges and heartbreaks, aiming to restore the belief that it’s possible to “have it all” – career success, loving relationships, and time to enjoy it all. If this resonates with you, book a session with Adrien and embrace your potential for a balanced, joyful life.



First time Clients Only: Enjoy an introductory rate with Adrien Blackwell and receive a $50 discount off an hour-long session. If you find value in your one-on-one session, you may wish to continue working with her for 6 months, 12 months, or embark on a year-long journey.

Adrien specializes in working with women who are highly motivated to excel in their careers and accumulate wealth, often at the expense of love and perhaps even the prospect of having children, all in the pursuit of security. Often, these women relinquish love due to perceived lack of control, past heartbreaks, and unfulfilling relationships, including failed marriages.

Yet, they crave more. These incredible women want it ALL! They believe in the possibility of a fulfilling life, one where they can have a loving family, a divine partner, and financial abundance. More so, they want time to enjoy their hard-earned wealth with those they cherish.

Does this resonate with you? Do you desire this balanced, joyful life? If so, remember that it is indeed possible! Say yes to the possibility of having it all. Book your session and write to Adrien saying, “I WANT IT ALL!

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