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April 16-17, 2024: Live Now, Replay Later with—It's Like Having Your Spiritual Cake and Eating It Too! 

Attend live or get the 3-day replay starting on the 18th. Must register!Topics Covered: Discover a transformative journey encompassing healing narratives of overcoming dis-ease in the body, from defying odds and emerging from wheelchairs to walking again. Delve into the depths of what holds us back from finding love, exploring the profound realm of energy healing with dragons, and embracing the synergies of energy healing and shamanism. Uncover the powerful intersections of hypnosis and astrology, as well as the sacred practice of connecting to the divine. Join us as we delve into the realms of prosperity, abundance, and the manifestation of miracles, illuminating the path to unlocking limitless potential and abundance in every aspect of life. Speakers with days, times and name of discussion on the inside. Register to be emailed the details soon! 

Learn the Art of Surrender to Create Miracles! 

Surrender to Your Desires, Create the Future You Want!

Ever felt like the life you dream of is out of reach? Wondered how to surrender to your deepest desires and needs? Let's explore how surrendering can transform your life. Our lineup of 15 speakers is ready to share their surrender stories, empowering you to attract what you truly want and heal any area of your life.

From April 8th to 15th, join us for insightful interviews with our gifted speakers, each offering a free gift. Then, mark your calendars for April 16th and 17th for a two-day live event. Experience direct presentations from our experts, including live healing demonstrations, finding love advice for singles, balancing the masculine and feminine integration and discovering your passion and purpose. These are just a few topics covered; register, and within a few days you'll get the line up of speakers so you can attend all the presentations you want to hear.

This event is all about you—creating the life you desire. Are you ready to surrender to your heart's true desires?

Life can be puzzling, especially when it comes to love, family, wealth, and spirituality. But fear not! We're here to equip you with the tools to find clarity and direction. UNLOCK THE POWER OF SURRENDER! 

Join us on "Adrien Blackwell's Making Miracles Happen Series" for this special. Hosted by celebrity healer Adrien Blackwell, this series has transformed lives for four years. You'll engage in active learning with pre-recorded interviews and a live event, guiding you towards manifesting your desires.

Must Hear Miraculous Stories

But that's not all. Our lineup of speakers will delve into their own miraculous experiences, sharing how they lived, healed, and encountered extraordinary phenomena. From overcoming cancer and gangrene to profound encounters with higher powers and find real and lasting love, these accounts span a myriad of life's journeys, offering tangible proof of the power of surrender and its real-life results.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on something miraculous. Register now and get ready to create the life you've always wanted.

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