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350+ Past Speakers Interviewed & Here are Just a Few from
tEDx, Oprah, The Secret (Movie), Authors & Celebrities:

(Actor) Hudson Leick

(Notable FigureLaura Eisenhower

(Celebrity Dog Rescuer) Melissa Bacelar 

Andrew Martin

Jeffrey Gignac

Tina Zion

(Best Holistic Life Magazine) Jana Short

Dr. Monique Hunt

(Host) Waxela Sananda

(Portal of Ascension) Neil Gaur

(The Secret) James Arthur Ray

Bersabeh Ray

Mark Anthony (Psychic Lawyer)

Jeanne Sullivan Billeci (Author)

Dr. Diana Kirschner (Oprah)

Melissa S Binkley (Bestselling Author)

Gary Salyer (Author)

Hans Wilhelm (YouTuber)

Melanie Barnum (Llewellyn Author)

Marla Goldberrg (Author)

Debora Wayne (The Shift Network)

Dondi Dahlin

Susan Kennard (Hay House)

The Lune Innate (Influencer)

Shannon Leischner (Celebrity Healer)

Alison Armstrong (Celebrity Love Coach)

The Psychic Matchmaker (TLC)

Zoƫ Devi (Celebrity Healer)

Alana Fairchild (Author)

Joy Woodward (Author)

Jan Engels-Smith 

Pamala Oslie (TEDx)

Kim Wilborn (The Shift Network)

Mary Sise (The Shift Network)

Titanya Dahlin

Michelle Belanger (Paranormal State) A&E

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