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Celebrity Healer Adrien Blackwell Presents

Wednesday, June 26, 2024 PST USA

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9:45am: Adrien Blackwell - Intention Opening
10:00am: Karen Gruber - One Energetic Key to Building Wealth
10:30am: Tania Kebernik - Gifts of the Trauma Playground
11:00am: Hanna Bier - The One Key to Unlock Financial Abundance
11:30am: Susan Kennard - 3 Pillars of Infinite Abundance
12:00pm: Kim Von Berg - Go for the Gold: Attract & Create Higher Love!
12:30pm: Alana Heim - Explore Your Core Wounds Through the Gene Keys
1:00pm: Jeanne Sullivan Billeci - Always the Boss or Mom in Relationships? How to Shift & Attract a Soul Partner
1:30pm: Alison Smith Martin - How Connecting with Animals Can Heal Your Hear for True Happiness
2:00pm: Jaymie Gerena - Bridge the Gap From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Thursday, June 27, 2024

12:30pm: Maxine Clancy - Radiant Connections - Unlocking the Secrets to Happy Healthy Love
1:00pm: Elayne Le Monde - Creation Codes Attunement
1:30pm: Shantana Telise - Channel Your Guides to Discover Your Divine Purpose
2:00pm: Peggy Black - Sounds and Words that Heal
2:30pm: Shannon Burton - The Key to Attract Love and Happiness
3:00pm: Karin Green - Transform Your Inner Critical Voices to Inner Supportive Voices for Lasting Happiness
3:30pm: Zeeba Khan - Unlocking the Energetic Keys to Healing Trauma
4:00pm: Addison Ames - Timelines as the Key to Healing
4:30pm: Anne Aleckson - Mind Your Own Vibration
5:00pm: Adrien Blackwell's - One Energetic Key to Heal ALL for Those Who Want it ALL!

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