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A lot of resources out there will tell you WHAT you need to do to succeed in love… but not HOW.  It’s time to learn HOW to bring your love dream to life at last.


It's time to take things UP to a whole new level – into the realm of Love MIRACLES!!


That’s why I could hardly be more excited to share with you the newest Valentine’s edition of my incredible FREE series, Adrien Blackwell's Making Miracles Happen. 


  • How to make the leap from horrible relationships to your dream wedding

  • Receive a real-time healing to remove your blocks to love

  • The common threads among people who manifest instantaneously

  • Numerology secrets to relationship success that you can apply right away

  • Why your quest for love is a path to enlightenment

  • Clues to make peace with your past and release the “baggage”

  • How to heal from fairytale expectations – and really live happily ever after

  • Keys to transcend the trauma that’s kept you single or in bad relationships

  • How to step into a secure attachment style – no matter where you started!

  • Literally magical tools to create the love of your life

  • How to break free from from heartbreak and pain

  • Why Valentine's Day is the worst day to celebrate love – and which day is the best

  • How to release sexual shame

  • The top 10 traumas each one of us have experienced and how to heal them

  • Tips to understand men and women for greater success with everyone

  • How meeting your sexual needs (even alone!) is an important self-care practice 

  • Why connecting to “the other side” after a partner’s death helps bring in new love

  • How you can get all of your needs met in relationships

  • Harnessing the power of sacred geometry to align to love

  • How to transform frustrating patterns and start having fun with dating

  • and so, so much more…

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