You are invited to apply to be a speaker on a spiritual talk show with storytelling magic! Join the growing professionals that are choosing to tell their profound stories on my ongoing, talk show, summit series called, Adrien Blackwell's Making Miracles Happen. We have fun for our Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Birthday Seasons! 

I've interviewed the star of "The Psychic Matchmaker" on TLC, Hudson Leick from "Xena: Warrior Princess," and "Hercules: Legendary Journeys". My series has worked with authors from Lleweyn Publishing. I've interviewed an author of 30 books from the hit A&E show, "Paranormal State," Michelle Belanger along with former Oprah guests and Tedx speakers and now I would love to interview you too! 

My last season reached 500,000 people. My viewers are 30 - 50 years of age, driven women, who are seeking a more extraordinary life. They are ready to listen and learn.  

If you would like to join me, the interview is 30 minutes long on Zoom video, pre-recorded between. The requirements for all speakers is to have an email list or a social media following (no number requirement) and be willing to promote the event fairly and with enthusiasm as it supports all who get interviewed and the audience of seekers. This is a co-creative, collaborative event. 

My show is a storytelling series, we educate and entertain. We are seeking speakers who will tell a personal psychic, intuitive, supernatural or miraculous story for the audience. Stories can be 1-5 minutes long being told in a story fashion, something that happened to you or your clients. We know memorable stories and demonstrations can leave a lasting impression on the audience and your future clients will keep you in mind longer. We also ask meditation teachers and healers to add a short demonstration to their interview.

Ready to be interviewed? Please click the
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