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About Celebrity Healer Adrien Blackwell

Celebrity healer Adrien Blackwell has been featured on many TV shows around the globe, including E!, NBC News, Travel Channel, and Bio Channel. Adrien has a healing background as a Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Healer, Theta Healer, and Medical Qigong student. That was the catalyst for her to create her own modality, the Adrien Blackwell Method.

A celebrity healer for 10 years; in the previous 12 years, Adrien was known as a celebrity psychic who learned and studied all she could about energy healing but completely lacked confidence. She was convinced she wasn't a true healer. Once she dove into the 13 modalities, she learned Adrien witnessed cancer disappear, cysts disappear, and helped people find mental peace after years of taking depression medication. Now as a teacher, she teaches people how to do what she does by becoming confident, miraculous energy healers.

What About Adrien's Day Job?

I’m a healer, which means I CAN heal you overall. All healers channel healing energy, but most of us have been given a gift. Something we struggled with ourselves and overcame. Most of us were healing people of these things even before we overcame it. I didn't choose this, it chose me. 

My struggle was my slogan; maybe you've had the same one in the past. “I don’t need a man!”. I had a mindset that I could do it all on my own. I needed to focus on my career first, and I used a lot of masculine energy to get down to business. I ran as far as I could from love. Most of the time my own insecurities, fears, and unrealistic expectations got in the way. I mean, Disney sold me a story as a child and I decided if I couldn't have that storyline, I didn't want anything. It was all or nothing. 

After completing a love intensive and shifting my own energy around love I realized it was the key to everything, healing the physical, mental, financial and spiritual aspects of our lives. The heart is truly the doorway to manifesting all of our desires. So, when I am not teaching people how to be healers I do one-on-one sessions helping women!

I help women who have written off love in lieu of career and feel they are no longer datable due to past failures in relationships, mend their hearts to find their true love.  Women who want it all! They no longer want to choose between love and money, they want both!

Is that you!?


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